Eurostars-3 Call 5 Programme for 2023 released


Eureka secretariat has released the second call for European grants within the EUROSTARS-3 Programme for 2023, which aims at funding small and medium companies with research and development projects.

The allocated budget for this call is yet to be determined. The financial resources of the call come from the European Union’s EUREKA network, through the Horizon Europe Programme, and will be managed in Spain by the CDTI (Centre for the Industrial and Technological Development). The goal of these grants is to foster economic growth and job creation by boosting competitiveness of R&D conducted by SMEs through transnational collaboration.

The EUROSTARS-3 Programme focuses on the development of innovative products and services, enabling their access to international markets. Therefore, projects funded under this call will need to deliver a product ready to enter the market in a 24-month period after the project finishes.

This time, the 7 eligibility requirements remain unchanged from the previous call:

  1. The project consortium will be run by an innovative SME from an Eurostars country.
  2. The project consortium will be composed by at least two entities independent from each other.
  3. The project consortium will be composed by entities from, at least, two Eurostars countries with at least one organization from an EU member country or associated to Horizon Europe.
  4. The budget of the SMEs from an Eurostars country, excluding outsourcing will be equal or higher to 50% of the project’s total cost.
  5. No participant or country will be responsible of over 70% of the project’s budget.
  6. The length of the project will be 36 months or less.
  7. The project will exclusively focus on civil applications.

In this second call in 2023, the deadline for applications to receive funding will be open from the 14th of July until 14th of September 2023.

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