innCome present at General Assemblies of their three European projects


During the month of June 2023, our colleagues Carlos Rubio, Marina Agulló, and Sergio Muñoz travelled to attend two events in person: on the one hand, to Brussels for the final reporting period of the Labyrinth project, which is about to end, where Carlos attended on behalf of innCome; and on the other hand, to the General Assembly of the DigiChecks project in Amsterdam, where Carlos, Marina, and Sergio were present. Matixa Maia, meanwhile, participated in the general assembly of the FasTaP project, in this case, held for the entire consortium in online mode.

innCome is part of these European projects as a partner in the work packages dedicated to communication and management support. Carlos, Marina, Matixa, and Sergio presented all the progress made in each project and had the opportunity to learn about the results of the rest of the consortium, in the case of the general assemblies. Regarding the Labyrinth project, an initiative to promote safety in drone air traffic, after the final report and an interesting event of dissemination of results with another European H2020 project, it ends its journey. Carlos was present at the final report to show the results to the European Commission and conclude the project.

FasTaP, a project to improve the performance of wind turbines, will end in April 2024. This fifth General Assembly served as an impetus to analyse the steps to be taken until the work is completed. For more information, El Economista reported on the current situation of FasTaP, led by Siemens Gamesa, in this article.

As for DigiChecks, this initiative funded under the Horizon Europe program seeks to standardise and digitise permits in the construction sector and will be active until May 2025. Our colleagues went to meet with the consortium, led by FCC Construcción, for the first general assembly of the project. This meeting coincided with the first year of the project and included the presentation of the results obtained so far, as well as several workshops on system architecture and data, and also discussions on infrastructure and certification of basic principles of online permitting.

All the meetings were very interesting and served Carlos, Marina, Matixa, and Sergio to keep working and moving forward in the coming months.